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Nicolas Vogt (M.Sc.)

Research focus
Cyclometallated nickel complexes as catalysts for C-C-crosscoupling reactions - Synthesis and (spectro)electrochemical properties

Cyclic voltammetry

Analytical methods
NMR-, UV/Vis-Spectroscopy
Cyclic voltammetry
EPR spectroscopy
DFT calculation
Single crystal XRD

Master thesis (April 2014)
Manganese and Iron Complexes as Catalysts for the Oxidative Deconstruction of Lignin Model Compounds


"The Cyclometalated Nickel Complex [(Phbpy)NiBr] (Phbpy = 2,2’-bipyridine-6-phen-2-yl) – Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Electrochemical studies", A. Klein,* B. Rausch, A. Kaiser, N. Vogt, J. Organomet. Chem. 2014, 774, 86-93. DOI: 10.1016/j.jorganchem.2014.10.013

"Unsymmetrical N-aryl-1-(pyridin-2-yl)methanimine ligands in organonickel(II) complexes – more than a blend of 2,2’-bipyridine and N,N-diaryl-diimines?", C. Biewer, C. Hamacher, A. Kaiser, N. Vogt, A. Sandleben, M. T. Chin, S. Yu, D. A. Vicic, A. Klein* Inorg. Chem. 2016, 55, 12716-12727. DOI: 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.6b01874

"Synthesis, structure and reactivity of cyclometalated nickel(II) complexes – a review and perspective" A. Klein,* A. Sandleben, N. Vogt, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. India (PNASI) Section-A; Physical Sciences 2016, 86(4), 533-549. DOI 10.1007/s40010-016-0289-6

In Arbeit:

"Co-ligand Involvement in Cyclometalated Nickel Complexes [(Phbpy)Ni(X)] (HPhbpy = 6-phenyl-2,2’-bipyridine) X = F, Cl, Br, I, and CnFm", N. Vogt­­, A. Sandleben, M. T. Chin, S. Yu, D. A. Vicic, A. Klein*, Inorg. Chem. 2017, Manuskript in Arbeit.

"Novel Cyclometalated Nickel Complexes [(R-Phbpy)Ni(Br)] (HPhbpy = 6-phenyl-2,2’-bipyridine) – Substituent Effects on Redox Behaviour and Stability", A. Sandleben, N. Vogt, M. T. Chin, D. A. Vicic, A. Klein*, Organometallics 2017, Manuskript in Arbeit.